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Will Time Name Miley It's Person Of The Year? 12/09/13

Time magazine has just released the finalists for it's prestigious Person of the Year issue and the list is interesting to say the least.
 - Who will Time Magazine name it's Person of the Year for 2013?  It could be Miley Cyrus!  She made the list along with the Pope.  Should she be on the issue that is out on Wednesday?

 - A 2nd grader decides to make everyone at school feel welcome by putting out a Buddy Bench.  Now teachers want the bench in every school.  Smart idea!

 - Another smart idea coming from San Francisco where the city is using buses to shower the homeless!  Could it be done in SLC?

 - And finally, Facebook has been busy compiling it's least of "most posted" for 2013.  Miley Cyrus did not win this award, the NFL did!  The Super Bowl last year was the most talked about event of all.
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