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Tips for Staying Safe on Winter Roads

Winter tires and chains can help you stay on the slick roads this season!
Randy Schroeder from Les Schwab can help get you and your car ready for Winter.

Winter Tires

Remember last winter? There was slush, the snow, the back-ups, the accidents, the slide offs and even an ice storm. It was a rough time to be on the road.

If you’re one of the many people last winter that vowed that this winter would be the year you got snow tires, now is the time to follow through on your pledge.

Deeper tire tread

They have a different rubber composition that is softer, which creates greater traction. Also, in cold temperatures, snow or winter tires provide better performance. Regular tires harden in the cold, which reduces traction. Because snow tires are softer, they don’t harden as much, helping them maintain more grip in freezing temperatures. When the weather hits 45 or less, it’s snow tire time.

Do you know what a sipe is? Sipes are thin slits cut across a rubber surface to increase traction in wet or icy conditions. Snow tires have more sipes than regular tires.


You’ve seen the travel advisories during the winter that say chains are recommended for travel in snowy canyons. Chains are the ultimate traction tool for extreme winter driving. Chains are good to have because even in the worst weather, there might be times when you have to drive.

They’re a great thing to have in your emergency preparedness toolkit and they are easier than you'd think to put on your tires!

Tips for driving with chains:

Avoid driving over 30 mph
Avoid locking your brakes
Avoid spinning your tires
Don’t drive on bare pavement
Don’t park too close to the curb

If you get your chains at Les Schwab and if you find you didn’t need them, at the end of the season you can always return them to Les Schwab for a 100% rebate. Not everyone will do that, but Les Schwab will.

We want to recognize people in Utah who are making a difference in the lives of others and for doing the right thing

Our motto is “Doing the Right Thing since 1952” because at Les Schwab that is how we conduct business everyday

We’re personally committed to providing good, honest service to customers and being good neighbors, and we love to recognize others who are making a difference in our community.

We have partnered with ABC4 to recognize those that are doing good things—those involved with fundraising, service, charity events – people who do the right thing and help others without expecting something in return.

To nominate someone in your community who is doing the right thing visit our website here

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