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"They Reminisce"

A local event that analyzing the history and progression of Hip Hop
In the beginning...there was the DJ and the music. Without these 2 things Hip Hop and its dances would not exist. They Reminisce is an examination of the evolution of Hip Hop dances. Bboying, Popping, Locking, New Jack, House and Choreo. Join us as we look back over 3 Eras of Hip Hop and see how the dance has grown, changed and evolved.

THEY REMINISCE is a stage production produced by The BBoy Federation which includes some of Utah's top dance talent. Our goal was to provide our choreographers with the tools and dancers they wanted, so that they could produce pieces that showcase the very best of what the Street Dance community has to offer.

Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center 
138 West 300 South 

Show Dates | Jan 9 & 10

Doors | 7 pm
Show | 7:30 pm

Available via www.arttix.org

Featured Choreographers:
Micah Clark
Marc Alexanda 
Kaleena Chung 
Max Crebs 
Tyson Smalls 
Chris Valdez 

Also Featured: DJ Scratchmo
Special Guest : Atheist 

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