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The Power of Goal Setting

What is keeping you from achieving your goals? It takes more than good intentions to be successful.
2014 A New Year…. 2 words come to mind: Resolutions and Goals

January is a time of year we look at areas of our lives we want to make resolutions to improve. A new year a fresh start to making things happen in our lives: lose weight, get fit, find a better job, increase earning potential, spend more time with family, learn a new hobby, take a trip, save more money

How do we make these resolutions happen and experience success…….GOALS!

There are 3 kinds of people in this world: people that make things happen, people that watch people make things happen and those that say “what just happened”………the one thing that sets apart these 3 people is simple………Goals! 

Significant reasons goals fail:

1. Lack understanding between motivation vs determination
Motivation is mostly related to WHY we want to get to our destination. It’s the initial jolt of energy. (We put on our jeans after the holiday parties and realize we cant zip up the zipper we feel motivated to make a change) Most people mistake that motivation is all that is needed to get them through.

Determination is what makes us DO things even if we don’t feel like it (putting on the running shoes at 5am rather than hitting the snooze button)

2. Lack of understanding difference between a good idea and a
goal. Losing weight, getting fit, going on a family vacation, increase income are great ideas, great wishes but they are not goals

**Successful people understand goals require planning and work and apply the skill of the Goal Setting Process:

Goal Setting Process
a. Define what you want.
If you could waive a wand and have anything you want, no limitations, ideal life (be specific)

b.When do you want it by:
The brain loves specific, measurable and deadlines. Give your goal a reasonable deadline.

Only 3% of adults have written goals, and everyone else works for them successful people write down their goals. This is where you differentiate the good idea and the goal ex:

d.Identify obstacles:
Understand the 80/20 rule. 80% of what holds us back is ourselves, 20% are outside factors. Recognize the things that are currently holding you back as well as anticipate thing in the future that may be an obstacle. There will always be things that stand in our way. When we no longer see obstacles as stop signs to our goals but rather recognize things we need to work around, avoid, work with we can to proceed in our accomplishment.

e.Identify skills and knowledge you will need to achieve your goal
if your goal is to lose weight, you may need to acquire knowledge about calories, meal planning, exercise and calculating your target heart rate, learning how to work weights and exercise machinery

If your goal is to increase earning potential, take a class to acquire a skill that will help make you more marketable
If your goal is to improve a relationship that is struggling: take a class on communication, time management, seek counseling,

f.Build a support team:
Family, co-workers, boss, friends, your kids, a wellness coach people that will help you accomplish and stick to your goal.
Ex: lose weight: get your friend to be an exercise partner, your mom or husband to plan meals with you
In business increase sales: identify key customers that could be influential in your sales.

g.Make a plan
When you have a goal and a plan you increase your likelihood of achieving your goal increases 10x (1000%)
Plan what you are going to DO each month, week and day to accomplish your goal. Plan each month at the beginning of the month, each week the weekend before, each day the evening before.

Each night as you lay in bed create a clear, vivid and exciting picture of your goal as if it was realized. (you 10 lbs lighter, you working at your ideal job, you driving the new car you were wanting, you winning that championship game, you on your ideal vacation with your family or spouse) visualize in your mind as often as you can

i.Get BUSY!!! 
Arise and get to work on your goal petal to the metal!

If you are interested in learning more contact Karyn Ross
Email: karynross@ithrivehappy.com

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