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The cost of your Thanksgiving feast is going down!

Good news on the family feast front, the price of Thanksgiving is down a couple cents this year compared to last year. Analysts say it's due to the bird! Milk is going up, but turkey prices are lower.
 - Saved by the bird!  Your Thanksgiving feast is costing less this year because turkey prices are down.  Even though the cost of milk is going up, because of the turkey, dinner will only be around 49 dollars for a family of 4!

 - An all girls school in Kentucky is trying to go anti-princess!  Why?  The school says they are hoping to empower young girls to stop waiting around for a prince.

 - We went live to Disneyland where they are celebrating the first day of the holidays there!  The park is all decked out for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years and there is no better time to go meet Mickey :)

 - And it's the last day of our Warm Hearts, Warm Hands campaign with Papa Murphy's.  Make sure you find the piece of pizza hidden on our set and you can win a free pizza from Papa Murphy's.  Also, go into the store with your hat and glove donations and get a free container of cookie dough for your trouble!
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