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Steven Powell journals not surprising to Susan's friend

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Steven Powell's journals may shock some but not Susan's close friend.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Details of Steven Powell journal comes as no surprise to a close friend of Susan Cox Powell
3,000 pages of Powell's journal were released this week by Washington authorities.
Some of the details were released during his voyeurism trial. But there are many more writings that come as a shock to many except for
Susan's close friend.

"I'm not surprised because Susan herself told me that he was completely obsessed with her," Kiirsi Hellewell says.

Throughout the journal there were scores of pictures of Susan along with Powell's thoughts of the day.
In one picture of Susan, Powell wrote
"beautiful face," beneath the photograph. Another had the caption "beautiful eyes." A photo of Susan from the waist down had the words "nice a--".

"One time he caught her looking through a curtain as she was undressing," Hellewell says. "She thought it was just a mistake that he happened to accidently open the curtain."

But it never stopped. And the journal entries continued for several years.
In one entry, Powell knew he had a problem.
According to Susan's close friend this behavior drove her to leave Washington with her family.

"She told me the real reason was to get away from Steve and to put as many miles from Steve as possible," Hellewell says.

She says Susan wouldn't let Steve visit the family whenever he came to Utah.

"Josh would go visit him at a hotel," Hellewell says.

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