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Should you be taking Vitamin C showers?

Leonardo DiCarprio takes them, so should you? The MGM hotel in Las Vegas is installing them in their wellness rooms. But are Vitamin C showers good for your skin?
 - Our moms and grandmas didn't need to burn as many calories per day as we do!?  But why?  Researchers say we are more sedentary than our ancestors.  The bottom line?  We sit too much!

 - Get fit and change your life! If you want to be part of a brand new tv show, Troy is launching The Younger You Challenge go to theyoungeryou.tv to find out more!

 -  An NBA player isn't just spending his cash, he's investing it!  Find out his money saving tips.

 - Should you be taking a Vitamin C shower?  Leonardo DiCaprio takes them.  But are they really good for you?
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