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Should marriage be about you or your partner?

A writer says he has the secret to a happy marriage. Make it about your partner not you! If not he says, maybe marriage isn't for you after all.
 - Is marriage for you?  One writer who has a blog that's now gone viral says it's not.  Marriage should actually be all about your partner.  Relationship experts disagree.

 - Kids and clothes!  You are always buying new ones, but what about the kids that struggle to fit into "normal" sizes.  A woman has now created a plus size line for children.  Would you buy it?

 - Warm Hearts Warm Hands!  Please go into any Papa Murphy's and drop off mittens, hats and scarves.  You will get free cookie dough in return!  And watch GTU to find the hidden pizza on set and win a free one for your family!
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