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Pin of the Week- Mercury Jars

Create beautiful Mercury Jars at home and for under $10!

Good Things Utah Pin of the Week:

DIY Mercury Glass

Presented by Shyloh Belnap


I was very excited to see if this Mercury Tutorial was “for real” because I have decorated a big portion of my home with mercury glass! I just love how classy, yet casual it looks.

Here is the pin I followed

Items Needed:
GLASS vase
Krylon Looking Glass Mirror Like paint
Tape and a grocery bag
Spray Bottle of Water
Tape off the outside of the jar with your tape and a grocery bag
Spray the inside with a spritz of water
Spray the paint INSIDE the jar and let dry upside down for about an hour.
I did 2 coats, you could do more if you would like it to look even less transparent I am sure!
My opinion: This really did take me about 10 minutes! I don’t think it is as perfect as the other Mercury Glass I have purchased at Pottery Barn for $60 BUT it only cost me about $8.

I do think it limits you to wide mouth jars AND you can’t put food or anything “scratchy” in it because the paint will wear off but for the price, love it!

I have some additional tips and pictures on my blog as well!

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