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Pin of the Week: Cleaning Glue

This squishy mess is all over Pinterest...but does it really work? Shyloh tries it for you.

Good Things Utah Pin of the Week…

DIY Cleaning Slime

Presented by: Shyloh Belnap


The pin that I wanted to feature this week is here

This is a cleaning slime that I FOR SURE thought would work because it is sold here

Here are the Directions:
Mix 1 tsp of Borox with 1 cup of water

In a separate container, mix a 4 oz. bottle of white glue with 1/2 c of water.
Mix the two together with a spoon… it will start to turn into slime almost immediately

Once it starts to mix together, pick up the slime with your hands to get it totally mixed. (There will be water left in the bowl)

My opinion: YES this is slime and YES it works to play with BUT… It is not made to clean AT ALL! I put it on my keyboard and it did clean it WELL but, it left little chunks of slime in it which I am pretty sure isn’t a good solution for “cleaning”!

For detailed instructions and pictures, you can visit my website www.aPage4allSeasons.blogspot.com Even if you don’t use this slime for cleaning, your kids will LOVE it!

*UPDATE: I grabbed the slime to take with me to do this segment 3 days after making this project and I noticed it had "set"! I tried it out and indeed, it works!!!!! Just make sure not to do it RIGHT AFTER you make it

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