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Pin of the Week: Chalkboard Paint

Should you make your own chalkboard paint or just buy it at the store? Shyloh gives you her opinion.

Good Things Utah Pin of the Week… DIY Chalkboard Paint

Presented by: Shyloh Belnap


The pin that we experimented with this week is here:

We LOVE chalkboard paint in our house! I even painted my daughters entire wall in chalkboard paint! It has been a ton of fun but we had to do the whole thing in limited colors. The idea of customizing the color would be so much more fun! For this little project, here is what we did:

Items needed:
Acrylic Paint (I saw some pins that also used regular paint … so you could do a wall!)
Dry Non-Sanded grout
Measuring Spoons and Cups
Disposable bowl
Sponge Brush

Put 1 1/2 tsp of the Non Sand grout in your bowl.
Add 1/4 C of your paint
Mix together well. It will have some little lumps in it, don’t worry! It all lays flat when you paint your surface. I painted 3 coats on mine.
Prep the Surface of your Chalkboard: Rub a piece of chalk over the entire board. Erase completely and it is ready to go!

My opinion:
The cost is awesome! I got the grout at Home Depot and the smallest size was only $5 and would last for a TON of paint! Overall, this chalkboard worked amazing!

For detailed instructions, you can visit my blog at www.aPage4allSeasons.blogspot.com

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