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Parker Time Potions

Parker Time Potions is a line of natural pediatric massage oil. It is the brainchild of a Utah mom who has an autistic son.
Utah-based Parker Time Potions has announced the launch of a specially formulated natural pediatric massage oil line. Parker Time Potions are created with only natural ingredients and produced and distributed in the United States.

This brand-new company and product were the brainchild of Kelly Johnson, a mom of an autistic son. Johnson said she realized the benefits of therapeutic pediatric massage on her son and in their relationship.  "The problem was that I couldn't find any products that weren't pumped with dyes and chemicals which I knew would not be healthy to my son's skin," Johnson said. "As the old saying goes, 'if you want something done right, do it yourself,' and that is what I did. I set out to formulate the perfect potions for Parker's delicate skin and now I am ready to share them with moms and dads everywhere."

Parker Time Potions come in three different formulas. Johnson said all three moisturize and protect a child's delicate skin, leaving it soft and smooth. "Most importantly, Parker Time Potions strengthen the bond between parent and child by making therapeutic massage a natural, pleasant and soothing experience," Johnson added.

The idea for this product came out of Johnson's master's research project on autism entitled, "A Journey into Our World." The project will document five families' journey with their young children through autism. Johnson said that due to the numerous positive effects massage has for autistic kids, she has decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from Parker Time Potions to autism research in order to continue learning more about how to communicate and bond with autistic children.

If you'd like to purchase the oils, please visit: Parker Time Potions.  You can also find them on Etsy and Facebook. Potions are priced at $15.99 each or $37.99 for a three-pack. Parker Time Potions will soon be in retail stores in early 2014.

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