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Men are worried about stretch marks, really?

When it comes to stretch mark creams, men are now buying 30 percent of them! Why? Experts say men are worried about their skin stretching and sagging after weight lifting.
 - The FDA wants our food to be healthier, but trans fats are hiding in food items you may not even think about!  Microwave popcorn, crackers even donuts could be changing...

 - Men are worried about stretch marks!  So how do we know?  They are now buying 30 percent of stretch mark creams!  Apparently men are worried about their skin sagging after weight lifting.

 - A huge competition in Vegas is happening this weekend...  And if you can bag groceries in seconds flat you are invited!

 - Our Warm Hearts, Warm Hands campaign continues.  Please bring in gloves and hats to any Papa Murphy's and get free cookie dough in return!  Also find the pizza on our set and go to our website 4utah.com/contests to win free pizza!
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