Jim Kosek

Jim Kosek is the Chief Meteorologist for Utah's most accurate weather team.
Jim is thrilled to be part of ABC4 and the Salt Lake community. He brings over two decades of weather forecasting experience with him. Having worked at AccuWeather, Inc for 24 years, Jim has forecasted for all of North and Central America, as well as the Caribbean, and knows first hand how elevation plays a key role in forecasting.

He has covered weather ranging from severe thunderstorms and hurricanes to blizzards and lake-effect snow. And, it's the latter that is his specialty, having run AccuWeather's snow warning service for years.

However, it's the 2005 record-breaking hurricane season, specifically Katrina that is most memorable to him, working well into that Sunday morning, broadcasting nationally that over 80% of the city of New Orleans would soon become flooded.

Jim became interested in the weather by watching TV weathermen, and by jumping in puddles as a child. A proud Penn State Nittany Lion alumnus, Jim started forecasting with Penn State's Campus Weather Service. It's there that he won their forecasting competition as a junior.

Jim has won other awards since then, including Sioux Falls, SD most accurate forecast and the Maine Association of Broadcasters Weatherman of the Year, just to name a couple.

In addition, Jim was chief meteorologist in Reno, NV; Bangor, ME and Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA. He has also appeared occasionally on HLN's Morning Express with Robin Meade and numerous late-night talk shows.

In his spare time, Jim and his wife, Misty love to travel, having seen most of the 50 states. They rank New Orleans as their favorite vacation locale. Since the birth of their son, Miles, Jim has run an annual diaper drive during the winter holiday season.

In addition to a son, Jim and Misty have rescued 3 pets; a boxer/lab named Chopper; a boxer named Jazzy; a cat named Spurs, and all look forward to enjoying the beautiful Utah scenery. Jim also loves sports, following the Dallas Cowboys, San Antonio Spurs and Philadelphia Phillies. And, this once 16-handicap golfer will be dusting off the clubs to take advantage of Utah's best courses.

He can be reached viia email at JKosek@abc4.com. Follow Jim on Facebook and Twitter

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