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Grandfather pleads for fugitive grandson to surrender

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) - Drugs and the propensity for fast cars may be the driving force behind a fugitive who continues to elude police.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) – A fugitive has promised not to return to jail.
That’s what the grandfather of Travis McDonald claims his grandson told him.
McDonald eluded police Wednesday following a dramatic high speed chase through Salt Lake County.

“He’s dangerous and desperate,” says Charlie Roberts of the Utah Tax Commission.

And his grandfather, Randy Mills says Mcdonald who spent time in prison doesn’t want to go back.

“He says he won't go back, he absolutely will not go back,” Mills says.

That conversation happened weeks ago after McDonald was kicked out of Mills home.

Wednesday it appeared McDonald did his best to keep that promise.
He's accused of stealing two vehicles during the chase.
Motor Vehicle Enforcement investigators say they have been on his trail for nearly three weeks claiming he's back to stealing cars.
McDonald spent time in prison for car theft.

“I guess he had a thing for cop cars,” says Mills. “He kept stealing cop cars and taking their guns. He likes fast cars."

After a prison stay, his grandfather gave him shelter but threw him out after more trouble. Asked if his grandson has a drug problem, Mills said he does.
“Oh absolutely,” says “That's what got him into that mess.”

Police found a handgun in one of the vehicles McDonald allegedly stole.

“He has access to guns,” says Roberts.
His grandfather is sure authorities will eventually track him down but is worried what may result. He had this message for his grandson.

“Travis, turn yourself in quickly before you get hurt or hurt somebody else,” says Mills.
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