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Getting Help with Your Financial Problems

Everyone can relate to having some kind of financial problem...Diaz and Larsen have some helpful tips that can help you at home.
Everyone can relate to having some type of financial problem. However, if you are currently struggling with your finances and have accumulated debt Diaz and Larsen have some helpful tips you can do at home to help.

• Keep your paystubs. You’ll need those if you do need to meet with a bankruptcy attorney.

• Keep your tax returns.

• Don’t rack up a bunch of debt just because you know you’re going to file bankruptcy. It can come back and bite you.

• Avoid title loans if you can. Your car may go away and then you’ll really be stuck.

• Interest rates too high? Call and ask that they be lowered -always worth a shot.

To answer any more questions you may have about your current debt contact Diaz and Larsen at: 801-596-1661 or, if you’re in the Ogden area, call 801-627-2646.

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