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Earn Your Nursing Degree at Nightingale College

No wait lists and small classes make choosing Nightingale college for your nursing degree an easy choice!
Mikhail Shneyder, President and CEO of Nightingale College has been a registered nurse for over 20 years and started a school for nurses, by nurses. 

What sets Nightingale college apart from other nursing schools? Mikhail says it is their student centric and outcomes-focused programs. 

The only Associate Degree Nursing program in Utah to deliver all of the theory instruction via distance learning modalities, hence offering greater flexibility than virtually any other registered nursing education program.

On-ground laboratory and clinical instruction is delivered in small groups, which allows for more personalized attention from instructors.

High-fidelity simulation emerges students in high-stakes learning scenarios that build confidence for practicing in the real world.

Concept-based, spiraled curriculum delivers greater student engagement and improves the effectiveness of learning complex ideas.

From personal experience, no other job provides as high level of career satisfaction and fulfillment as being a registered nurse and working to improve and prolong other people’s lives. I invite you to become a part of the most respected profession in the U.S. by attending Nightingale College, a school that is dedicated to registered nursing education and understands and resolutely supports today’s adult learners. The new student cohort will begin studies in January and qualified candidates can complete the ADN Program in 16 months. Visit us online at www.nightingale.edu or call 1-855-MY-RN-DEGREE.
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