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Does Your Partner Financially "Bully" You?

According to a new survey, 10 percent of Americans say they are "bullied" by their partners when it comes to money. It's a tough issue, especially during the holidays.
 - A new survey says 10 percent of Americans feel financially bullied by their spouses.  These aren't just your typical money fights, these are demanding to see receipts and guilting partners about everything they buy... does this happen in your relationship?  Is "bullying" too harsh of a word?

 - Walmart is jumping into the Black Friday mayhem early...how early?  This Friday!  Tomorrow they are offering discounts and specials!  Does this mark the end of the day that we all saved to buy DVDs, TVs and anything else everyone was grabbing??

 - A friendship of 30 years is tested by cancer and childbirth.  Would your friendship stand this ultimate test?
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