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Do Pretty People Make You Lose Your Memory? 10/28/13

A new study says that pretty people make you lose your memory! In fact you will actually change your version of the facts if someone pretty disagrees with you... true?
 - Pretty people can make you lose your memory!  According to a new study, you will even change your story of what actually happened to fit their version of events...is that true?

 - How much would you spend for a good night's sleep?  Would you fork out 700 dollars for a goose down pillow?  How much is just too much?

 - Americans are pulling out their wallets for pet costumes this year.  330 million dollars so far and that number is growing the closer we get to Halloween!

 - The pope now has 10 million followers on Twitter!  He's in front of the New York Times but unfortunately he's still behind Kanye West??? 
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