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Wife testifies against her former husband in teen murder trial

OGDEN Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - It was supposed to be a drug and sex party. It turned into murder.
OGDEN Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – The former wife of Eric Millerberg claims she witnessed the death of their 16-year old babysitter.

Prosecutors say the babysitter Alexis Rasmussen died from a lethal dose of drugs at the home of Eric and Dea Millerberg.

He’s on trial for her murder. Dea is facing lesser charges but is testifying for the state.

Wednesday on the stand, Dea Millerberg claimed it was a threesome drug and sex party that night in September of 2011.

She testified it was between herself, Rasmussen and her ex-husband.

“He injected Lexi (Alexis) first and then him," she testified.

She testified that they got naked and had sex. Alexis was given three different injections of meth and heroin.

Later that night, she says Rasmussen started overdosing.

“She was breathing really fast,” Dea testified. “I was really nervous when she was disoriented and had a hard time breathing.”

She and Eric went outside their home and smoked cigarettes and then returned to the bedroom where Alexis was. They found her limp body on the floor.

“I started doing chest compressions hoping that it would do something,” she testified.

But she says Alexis had no pulse and she claims Eric refused to call 911 or the police.

“He said we will go to jail and lose both of our kids,” she testified. “He said he could get the death penalty.”

That's when Eric allegedly came up with a plan to get rid of Alexis' body. Holding back tears, Dea Millerberg testified about putting her body in a storage trunk.

“We put a blanket around her and we put her, put her in the trunk of the car,” she testified.

She says they drove for miles and miles looking for a spot to place her body. They eventually put her body “next to a tree” in a remote area of Morgan County.

Dea Millerberg still faces minor charges of desecrating a body. But she got a special deal from prosecutors. In exchange for her testimony, she won't face murder charges. The trial is expected to last two weeks.
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