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What's On Inside Edition This Week

Deborah Norville from Inside Edition gives you a quick look at what to expect this week.

Inside Edition recaps the highlights of this year’s Super Bowl.


Inside Edition sits down with President Obama’s long lost brother who lives in China. Mark Obama Ndesandjo is the President’s younger half-brother, but many Americans have never heard of him. Mark and Barack share the same father, but they have different mothers. One look at Mark and you’ll notice his striking resemblances to the President. Now, he’s speaking out exclusively to Inside Edition about his strained relationship with his brother.


It doesn’t matter what the price is. It doesn’t matter if it’s already on sale. It doesn’t even matter what you’re buying. You may never have to pay the asking price again. Watch Inside Edition as we teach you how you may get it for less. From clothing and accessories to furniture and appliances… even wine. You may never pay retail prices again.

Visit www.InsideEdition.com for more news and topics. Watch Inside Edition Monday-Friday at 6:30 here on ABC4.
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