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Spinning out safely, winter driving reminders

TOOELE, Utah (ABC4 – Utah) Snowy skies lead to messy roads and Utahn's could use a few friendly reminders on the roadways.

TOOELE, Utah (ABC4 – Utah) Snowy skies lead to messy roads. When the weather takes a turn, cars can be seen spinning off roadways.

The phrase “steer into the skid,” comes up every winter - but can be difficult to execute.

Ty Hamill is a professional driver and lead instructor at Ford Racing School at Miller Motorsport Park in Tooele.

Hamill is one of many driving experts that teach classes, mostly for teens, on driving safety.

Using a special car that is rigged to spin out, Hamill teaches you how to handle a dangerous situation, in a safe environment.

“We try to teach people what that feels like so when they experience it on the road, it's not a surprise for them,” said Hamill.

The basics:

When a car is spinning out, Hamill says to look in the direction where you want to go, and your hands will follow.

If you can teach your eyes to look where you want to go, that's half the battle,” said Hamill.

The best thing to do – avoid spinning out, altogether. When it is snowing outside, slow down and leave plenty of distance between cars. 

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