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Get Great Hair in Your 40's

Matthew says in your 40's it's time to loosen up and enjoy yourself! Make sure your hair says that about you!
All month long Matthew Landis is helping you have the best hair of your life...no matter your age! Today he focuses on women in their 40's. 

From Matthew:
"Grey hair is a major factor and coloring your hair is essential. Genetics determines when and how you start to grey, but few women in their 40's want to look older and grey hair will most certainly do that. Softer, rich color are my favorites. Skin also begins to show signs of aging, so it's important to enhance skin tone and choose a haircut that lifts and doesn't drag.

Hair begins to thin a little as well, so finding the right length that works with your hair type and face shape is important. Shorter hair can be just as sexy as long hair. Experiment a little. Change it up. You don't want the same hair you had at 20. It looks dated and makes you look older. Long hair can still be sexy, but don't hold on to length for length's sake."

Visit www.MatthewLandis.com to schedule your next hair appointment. 
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