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Curtis' Wednesday Pinpoint Forecast

MODERATE Air Quality expected.
Wednesday's Pinpoint Forecast: Inversion season is upon us! High pressure, cold-dense air at the ground, warmer air aloft, and a healthy snowpack all contribute to the meteorological phenomenon called an "inversion". The inversion is not pollution, the pollution is not the inversion. The weather setup (warmer air above colder air) is very stable, and does not allow the air to mix. That's why the pollution builds up so quickly here along the Wasatch Front. St. George is also in an inversion, as cold air is trapped down there (30 for a high today). However, St. George does not have the pollution like the Wasatch Front, therefore, will not be hazy. It will be another cold day, with highs in the 10s and 20s pretty much state wide. Good news, at least it will be sunny. Thursday will be very similar, mostly sunny and cold. Friday, a weak system will bring clouds across the state, and a few snow showers to the northern mountains accumulating 1-3". But this storm is not strong enough to clean out the inversion and polluted air. In fact, there won't be a strong enough storm until late next week. So that means more bad air for the valleys and basins of northern UT.
Have a great day.
~ Curtis Ray
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