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Children's Health Q&A

You ask and Families First Pediatrics answers questions about your child's health.
Dallen Ormond, N.P. from Families First Pediatrics answers viewer questions from Facebook about their children's health.


What to do for kids with ADHD without medicating them?

Ciera How can you tell if your kindergartener is dyslexic?

Chelsea how many words should my 23 month old be able to clearly say? He understands about 90% of what I tell him and rambles on like we are having conversation, but probably has 10 words he uses frequently and clearly.

Virginia My son just started preschool and has literally been sick non stop with one thing or another. When does this stop and when should I keep him home?

Heather What are some Natural sources of DHA and what is the daily recommend level of DHA for a 17 month old?

Annie My baby is a 1 1/2 months old. She has her days and nights mixed up! Not sure what I can do?

Families First Pediatrics is located in South Jordan at 1268 West South Jordan Parkway, Suite 201, (801) 254-9700), and at 13242 South 5600 West in Herriman, (801) 987-8541.

For more information, please visit: Families First Pediatrics.

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