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Brent's blog - My review of "A light in Dark Places"

There was no justice for Susan. We failed to protect her boys. And yet no blame can be laid at the feet of Jennifer or the Cox family. They sounded the alarm, first softly and then louder. This book details their long and desperate call for help. It shows us what they saw -- what they knew. And it shows us how they continue to endure and overcome.
This is my review of "A light in Dark Places." Most of it is published as the forward to the book:

No betrayal wounds more deeply than betrayal within a family.

There might be a way to finesse this, but Jennifer Graves doesn’t, so I won’t either: Her brother, Josh Powell, probably killed his wife Susan.

Jennifer feared Josh was responsible from the first moment her best friend and sister-in-law vanished. Her fear would be replaced by cold certainty with Josh’s increasingly bizarre statements and actions that culminated, three years later, when he took an ax to his two boys and then consumed them all in an inferno.

To know that your brother did all that layers shame and disgust on top of grief.

How do you survive such betrayal?

Jennifer survived by standing with Susan’s family and condemning not only Josh, but also her father and other siblings who sought to shelter him and perhaps also hide his hideous crime.

She did it by holding tight to those around her.

And she trusted both in the grace of God and His eternal and inescapable justice.

Ultimately, this is Jennifer’s story of survival and redemption.

From those first panicked days of Susan Powell’s disappearance in December of 2009, I covered the tragic story for television.  And yet, I did not understand the full, inside story.  This book reveals things I did not know and could not have imagined.

As a reporter, I found myself anxiously looking for glimmers of good that would somehow balance the overwhelming evil.

Jennifer Graves was one of the lights I found.  

Jennifer and co-author Emily Clawson show us her journey from despair to resolve and finally hope in a deferred reunion in the world to come where Susan and her boys wait, finally safe from the darkness.

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