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Answering Your Health Questions

You asked questions about your child's health on Facebook and we answer them!
Dr. Toby Cox from Families First Pediatrics answers your questions from Facebook.

McKall: My 7 year old daughter has asthma. There are times when we can't get her to stop coughing even after breathing treatments. Is there anything you can recommend giving her?

Cherokie: My daughter often has a allergy type cough - (irritated itchy type cough) and seems nothing I do helps get rid of it. She doesn't have it all the time but when she does she'll have it for days- weeks sometimes. What do you recommend giving her?

Tonia: My son has warts. What's the best way to get rid of them?

Tammi: My 10 yr old daughter gets bad stomach aches & complains about them frequently. My oldest daughter did too when she was this age. I've tried different foods, taking her off dairy, wheat, etc. Doesn't make any difference or make it improve. She is a worrier & I fear it will get worse.

Rachael: My 2 older kids had febrile seizures when they were younger. Can my 4 year old have them or is she okay?

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