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After Romeo Speaks Out Against Bullying

Hear After Romeo's message about bullying and why they are traveling to different schools across the country.
After Romeo is a new pop band and they have been in SLC since Sunday October 20th doing 2 school assemblies a day on Anti-Bullying. They are the new spokemen for Defeat The Label and are in the middle of their Bully Proof Tour. In their assemblies each boy gives their personal experiences on bullying and they give some startling statistics and information for kids to help them stop, prevent, seek help, spread the word on anti-bullying.

After Romeo and Defeat the Label Launch


Detroit, MI (October 7, 2013) – American pop group, After Romeo, and Defeat the Label, an international anti-bullying organization are joining forces this Fall onthe BULLY PROOF Tour, a nationwide tour sponsored by Life n Soul, includes musical performances by the band coupled with positive social messages about anti-bullying and harassment.

The band will kick the tour off in Northridge, CA on October 12th and continue on visiting various junior and senior high schools and malls throughout the country. Beginning today in California, the three-month tour will make stops through Arizona, Colorado,Utah, New Mexico, and Nevada. All five performers raised in different parts of the country with dramatically different musical and social influences will share their personal experiences with bullying and open a dialogue with students and fans about the realities and long term effects of bullying.

You can view their video talkingabout their support of the issue and Defeat the Label here

As part of a generation of young Americans who are faced with situations everyday where they are vulnerable to bullies, After Romeo is committed to not only doing what they love, performing music, but also wrapping a social message to their work. They realize their influence as role models and pop culture icons for many young kids who may look to them for support in these difficult situations.

“Boy bands know a thing or two about being bullied,” says After Romeo’s youngest member, sixteen- year old Devin Fox. “All of us in the group have been poked fun at and called really bad things just because we wanted to sing and dance.”
“Artists are at the core of how Defeat the Label engages young people in conversations around bullying. We are thrilled to be working with After Romeo empower their fans to stand up against bullies and speak out for what is right,” said Jeff Sakwa, President of Defeat the Label.

Every 7 minutes a child in the US is bullied. Defeat the Label is dedicated to promoting an inclusive, judgment-free society by working with schools, parents and kids to promote a bully-free community.

Defeat the Label provides a curriculum and social advocacy tools for students, parents, teachers and school administrators to promote a bully-free society without social labels and stereotypes. On May 2nd, 2014 we’ll join more than 5 million students worldwide for our annualStand4Change Day depicting a visual representation that bullying won’t be tolerated.
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