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A Dangerous New Diet Trend: Eating Cotton Balls?

Models say they've done it, but now 9 year old girls? Startling videos on youtube are showing tweens eating cotton balls soaked in orange juice to lose weight. And experts say it's downright dangerous.
 - It's a dangerous diet trend to talk to your kids about.  Models say they've tried it, but now 9 year old girls are posting videos on youtube showing them eating cotton balls soaked in orange juice.  It's unsafe, it's unhealthy and experts say it needs to stop.  So why are young girls dying to be thin?

 - Adam Levine is not only People's Sexiest Man Alive for 2013, experts say he's scientifically the perfect man.  Why?

 - Gretchen's son is playing in Bingham's state championship football game tonight!  Go Miners :)
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