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A 7 Year Old's Christmas Wish List Goes Viral! 12/06/13

Every kid writes down what they want from Santa, but one little girl's list goes on and on and on! We think it's priceless, hopefully Santa has some extra cash...
 - A 7 year old's Christmas wish list goes viral after dad posts it on line!  The little girl wants everything from 1,000 bucks to a dog with a collar on it.  What are your kids asking for this year?

 - Would you get a bouncy seat for your baby with technology built right in?  The new bouncy seat with i-pad is causing controversy among parents.  Brilliant or bad for baby?

 - And women, is this true?  Do we try to look better when we are single?  A new study says when you aren't in a relationship you try harder.  I say here's to getting comfy :)
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