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Wesley Ruff - Playoffs or draft picks? It's a no-brainer

The Jazz will benefit more from playoff experience than getting a high draft pick
The Utah Jazz are on the verge of wrapping up a spot in the playoffs. Good for them, says I. But I've heard others who aren't quite as happy about it as I am.

Here's the thing...if the Jazz make the playoffs, they will probably be the 8th seed. They will probably face the Spurs in the first round, and probably be ousted quickly. They content the Jazz would be better off missing the playoffs and getting a draft pick, maybe 2 if they can still get the pick from the Warriors.

I disagree. I think playoff experience is way more valuable to this team. Even if its only 4 games, that's 4 games of playing in the post-season, 4 games of learning how to deal with more pressure, 4 games of trying to figure out how to win in the playoffs. Every team goes through it. You have to get there to understand the difference between the regular season and the playoffs. And the experience of just being there is invaluable.

Plus, its good for the franchise. It helps put money back in the coffers. As long as the team stays profitable, the better the chances that the team stays here.

This is the goal of every team when the season starts-make the playoffs, and try for a championship. A title may be out of reach this year, but taking the first steps towards that can only help down the road.
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