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Wesley Ruff - Jerry Sloan deserves to coach again

After more than a year away from the game, Sloan could be back with the Bobcats
Jerry Sloan had a job interview last Friday. Seems kind of odd...I would think everyone would know what he's about and what he stands for and what his coaching philosophy is. It's not like he ever made that a secret. Play hard. Give your best. No shortcuts.

He spoke with Michael Jordan and others who own the Charlotte Bobcats. Shortly after he spoke with them, he spoke with me. He told me the interview went well, and that he answered their questions, and that he had some questions for them. He said they contacted him, and that he would be interested in coaching again.

I hope he gets the job. Or any job, really. He deserves to be back coaching. And the Hall of Famer could certainly help out a team like the Bobcats.

I asked him if he had any reservations about going to a team like Charlotte that...how should I put this?...isn't good. He said it would be hard, but that coaching any team is hard. He said people don't realize how tough it is to coach in the NBA. So knowing that, and still wanting to get back on the sideline, tells me he misses the game and he still feels like he has something to offer.

I think so too. Good luck, Jerry. The game needs you!
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