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Dana Greene - The statue must come down

Joe Paterno's statue at Penn State must come down following the worst scandal in college athletics history.
Joe Paterno has us all fooled. He lied. He covered up for a monster. He was only out to protect his precious football program. He ignored the cries of children. He knew and did nothing.

Since Paterno himself can't be punished, his legacy should be tarnished forever.

If ever the death penalty for a football program is warranted, Penn State should get it. It won't happen, though. The NCAA doesn't have the guts.

But if Penn State really wants to start making amends to the victims, their families, the community and the nation, the school needs to tear down the legend that is Joe Paterno. They need to take down the statue. They should not name anything on that campus in his honor, especially the football field.

They can't pretend that he didn't exist, but they can stop celebrating him.

Joe Paterno wasn't the monster, but he was the enabler. Experts say that if he was alive today, Paterno would be facing charges of child endangerment, perjury and conspiracy.

He'd most likely be going to jail for endangering the lives of children. Of children.

He knew much more than he said he did. Penn State's own investigator, Louis Freeh, has the proof that Paterno knew about the molestations, and did nothing about it. Nothing. He allowed the rapes and attacks to continue for years. All because he didn't want to bring embarrassment on his football program.

It's so shameful and disgusting, it's hard to take.

Joe Paterno is gone, too much of a coward to admit his mistakes while he was alive. The least Penn State can do is tear down his legacy, starting with the statue.

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