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Shepherd's Pie

Ken Kinsey shows you what you can make with your Thanksgiving dinner left overs!
There are numerous things you could make with your Thanksgiving leftovers...Turkey stroganoff, tacos, soup, alfredo noodle bake to name a few. 

Today Ken makes Shepard’s pie.


Diced or shredded leftover turkey

Half a medium onion sautéed till soft

1 gag frozen peas and carrots or any vegetables left over just dice them up

Leftover mashed potatoes enough to cover the top

Leftover gravy with 1 cup of beef broth


Combine turkey and gravy mixture with the sauteed onions and mix well.

Then put this in a pan that has been lightly sprayed with pan coating (pam)
Next layer the peas and carrots on top of the turkey mixture.

If the potatoes are still cold warm the up so it will be easily spread on top of the peas or you can use a piping bag to put the potatoes on top.

Put all of this in a 350 degree oven and bake until it is heated through and the potatoes have a nice brown top.

Serve and enjoy.

You can top this with shredded cheese as a garnish.

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