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Seafood Gumbo

Dr. Scott Frogley makes Seafood Gumbo.

Seafood Gumbo

3-4 good spicy sausage sliced

1 yellow onion, diced

1 carrot, diced

1 red bell pepper, diced

1 serrano pepper, diced

½ stick butter

4 Tbsp flour

6 cups chicken stock

1 can diced tomatoes

2 Tbsp tomato paste

¼ cup worchestershire

¼ cup chopped flat leaf parsley

Salt and black pepper

1 Tbsp Old Bay Seasoning

15-20 shrimp

16-24 oz can crab claw meat

½ cup heavy cream

Heat dutch oven to med high.

Add sausage and get a good crust on at least one side Remove sausage onto paper towel Add 1 diced onion, 1 diced large carrot, 1 diced red bell pepper, 1 dice Serrano Scrape bottom of pan as veggie sauté For 4 min.

Remove veg and add 1/2 stick butter. Add 4 tbsp flour to make rue.

Cook till amber.

Whisk in 6 cups chicken stock. Add back in veg and sausage

Add 1 breast chicken sliced thin to let cut in broth Add 1 TBS Old bay seasoning Cover and let simmer for 40 min Add 15-20 shrimp Add 1 16-24 oz good can crab claw meat Add 1/2 cup heavy cream Adjust seasoning to taste Garnish with more parsley or chopped green onion.

Serve with a good crusty garlic bread to soak up that broth!


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