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Eat Fat to Get Fit Smoothie.

Leslie Smoot, from Real Foods Market, makes Eat Fat to Get Fit Smothie.

Eat Fat to Get Thin

By Leslie Smoot

Holistic Health Coach, Real Foods Market

We have heard it for years, "stay away from fat!" But fat, it turns out, can be your special friend. You need fat to lose weight, improve your mood and boost your immune system.

This is a delicious smoothie packed with healthy fats:


Ø Helps create beautiful skin, hair and nails

Ø It slows the absorption of sugars from the fruit

Ø It increases the absorption of vitamins A, D and E

Ø It leaves you satisfied for hours

Ø It gives you energy

Chia seed, walnut, pumpkin seed and sunflower seeds

Ø Brain boosting omega 3's

Ø Mood stabilizer

Ø Anti-inflammatory benefits

Ø Energizing

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