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Stuffed Chicken Tuscany With Puttanesca Sauce

Little America's Chef Makes Stuffed Chicken
Stuffed Chicken Tuscany With puttanesca sauce
Makes 4 portions

Stuffed chicken ingredients:
Skinless and boneless double chicken breast 6 oz4 each
Bulk Italian sausage6 oz
Fresh sliced baby spinach no stems1 cup
Shredded parmesan cheese4 tbsp
Chopped garlic1 tsp
Thinly sliced prosciutto ham4 slices
Meat seasoningto taste
Olive oil for brushing2 tbsp

Preparation method:
Season chicken breast on both sides
Mix Italian sausage, sliced spinach, parmesan cheese and garlic and place ¼ of the mixture in the center of each chicken breast
Roll up and wrap the breast with one slice of prosciutto ham
Brush with olive oil and bake in 350” F oven for 10 to 15 minutes or internal temp is 150”F
Set aside and let rest for 5 minutes before slicing for service

Puttanesca sauce Ingredients:
Find diced onions2 tbsp
Diced garlic1 tsp
Diced seeded and skinned tomatoes2 cups
Sliced stuffed olives2 tbsp
Capers1 tbsp
Chopped anchovies1 tsp
Red wine¼ cup
Italian seasoning2 pinch(To taste)
Olive oil2 tbsp
Tomato juice¼ cup
Salt and ground black pepperto taste
Sugar1 pinch

Preparation method:
Sauté the garlic and onion in olive oil to a golden brown now add the diced tomatoes, tomato juice, Italian seasoning and red wine. Let simmer for 10 minutes and then add the capers, anchovies and sliced olives. Continue to simmer for 5 more minutes and adjust seasoning with salt, pepper and sugar.
Serve over or under the sliced chicken.

You can serve this with roast potatoes, risotto or fresh pasta and seasonal vegetables


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