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Two People Are Really Rich Today, Darn It!

The winning tickets were purchased in California and Georgia. If you happened to buy a ticket in Idaho you are out of luck... Let the jealously begin!
 - The winning tickets have been announced and...they didn't come from states near Utah.  Two people are mega rich today, they bought their tickets in California and Georgia and the rest of us can only dream of what hundreds of millions can buy!

 - What was the top downloaded app of 2013?  All of you Candy Crushers shot the game to number one this year, so who is still addicted?

 - And yoga isn't just for your mind, doctors are now recommending it for your health.  The mind/body connection that comes from yoga is beneficial for everyone according to a new study.

 - And Barbara Walter's Most Fascinating People of 2013 airs tonight on ABC.  Jennifer Lawrence made the list and talks tonight about what she thinks we should ban the word "fat".
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