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Woman survives 4 nights in Utah desert with a broken leg

CEDAR CITY, UTAH (ABC 4 News) - A 59-year-old woman is recovering in the hospital right now after surviving a broken leg and four days alone in a remote hiking area in Garfield County. ."
CEDAR CITY, UTAH (ABC 4 News) - A 59-year-old woman is recovering in the hospital right now after surviving four nights alone and with a broken leg in a remote hiking area in Garfield County.

Victoria Grover, had a couple of things going for her before things went against her. Grover is a physicans assistant and a self proclaimed avid outdoorswoman. However, she was up against very cold nights, a painful broken leg and complete isolation. This is the story of how she became stranded and how she survived.

On April 24th the Maine woman set out to hike the Sand Creek area - a place she'd been 40 years ago as part of a college class. But it got dark before she got back to her car so she was stuck out in the wilderness Tuesday night.

Then it went bad to worse. She jumped off a four foot ledge and broke her leg near her ankle. She described it from her hospital bed. "So, my knee was right here, but my foot went out that way." Now she couldn't get back to her car. "The hardest part was dragging myself around." She made it about 100 feet to the edge of a little stream. She now had water, a few snacks, a poncho and a hope that someone would find her.

The next day went by and then another. She says she during the day she would sleep in the sunlight and at night - when it got down to the 30s - she would wrap up in a poncho and try to stay awake and try to stay somewhat warm. "I really wasn't scared until I stopped shivering. That was the point when I got scared. That was the point that I felt that if somebody doesn't find me, pretty soon, I am going to die from hypothermia."

She says it was mentally challenging and she even started to hallucinate. "I saw all kinds of things. On the hill I saw rows. I saw people bicycling up and down the rows."

Then on Saturday morning a Utah Highway Patrol Helicopter spotted her. An EMT on board treated her for exposure and of course that broken leg. "They were comforting. They were kind. They gave me clothes. One gave me their own clothes to keep me warm." And Victoria is extremely thankful. "I'm grateful they were willing to really risk their lives, to fly in a windy canyon to come find me."
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