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Voles invade North Salt Lake neighborhood

NORTH SALT LAKE Utah (ABC 4 News) Voles not welcome. That's the warning a neighborhood is sending to city hall.
NORTH SALT LAKE Utah (ABC 4 News) – A neighborhood has been invaded by an infestation of voles.

And neighbors are concerned and frustrated with the mice-like rodents.

“We've been here for six years and this definitely by far is an infestation,” says Debby Piquet who lives in the Foxboro community.
And nothing seems to work.

An entrance to Rebecca Hubrich home is ruined by the moles.

There are holes around her sidewalk leading up to the home and part of the sidewalk is sinking due to the holes.

“We’ve tried poison, we've tried gopher bombs, we've covered them, we've tried just kill them and they just don't go away,” says Hubrich.

This morning several dead voles were found in the Piquet's backyard.

“I've killed five or ten fifteen or more with a shovel because they're running around in my grass,” says Toby Piquet. “It's a constant battle."

Voles are nesting along the Legacy trail that borders the Foxboro neighborhood.

But for some reason the voles are leaving the trail and heading into the neighborhood.

“It’s really frustrating,” says Hubrich. “We have three young children. They can't come out and play.”

Homeowners claim city hall is foot dragging when it comes to a solution.

“So we're just in limbo right now, waiting.” Debby Piquet says.

North Salt Lake’s mayor says they are waiting on the Department of Agriculture for assistance.

Mayor Lyn Arave says the city doesn’t want to spread any kind of poison without knowing the risk.

He says two young Layton girls were killed after an exterminator tried to deal with rodents at the girl’s home.

“We can’t help the homeowners,” he says. “They’ll have to take care of their own problem. I don’t know of any city that does that. But we will take care of city property.”
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