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Man plagued with eating disorder

MIDVALE Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Jim Phillips would give anything to eat chips and salsa again. Or anything solid for that matter. Phillips' problem: he can't swallow solid food.
MIDVALE Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – The joys of eating is something a Midvale man sorely misses.
That's because for the past year Jim Phillips hasn't been able to eat at all.
What ails him? His doctors call it a mystery.

“If I put it in all I do is chew and chew and can't get to the point where I can swallow it,” says Phillips.

ABC 4 met Phillips at his home preparing his lunch. It’s a liquified Denver Omelette. He cooks the eggs, adds peppers and seasoning and puts it all in a blender.

“It sounds gross,” says Phillips.

Over the past year, Phillips has visited numerous doctors and specialists trying to figure out why he can't swallow anything solid.

“They don't know,” he says. “There's no one that said let's figure this out.”

So Phillips mixes his daily meals into a blender. He even eats fast food like a chicken asiago.

“I just remove the bread, add some spinach and garlic and a can of gravy and water,” he says. “It's like going to La Caille for me.”

Phillips has lost 35 pounds in the past year and has gone into debt visiting numerous doctors. He's nowhere closer to swallowing food.

“I feel so lost because I don't have an answer,” he says.

Phillips hopes someone has heard of his disorder. If you can help, call ABC 4 at 801-975-4494 and we’ll get you in touch with Phillips.

Meanwhile, Phillips has set up a fund to help pay for his medical bills. You can donate by visiting his website:
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