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EXCLUSIVE: "Zion Wall" to be coming down?

Salt Lake City (ABC 4 News) - Talks now underway to get rid of "walls" in restaurants which hide the preparation of alcoholic drinks.

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Utah's "Zion Wall" may soon be coming down!
The (so-named) wall is the hidden area in new Utah restaurants where alcoholic drinks are made without customers watching. This is to prevent children from seeing the alcohol.

But ABC 4 News has learned talks have now begun to do away with the
"Zion Wall.”
Those said to be involved include power brokers from the alcohol and restaurant industry and, perhaps, some legislators as well.

In 2009, Governor Huntsman loosened liquor laws and did away with private clubs.
But to appease anti-alcohol forces, the “Zion Wall” was created.
This, again, was to protect Utah children.

ABC 4 News is also being told that legislators may soon debate a new idea, one that would do away with the “Zion Wall” and instead create a separate bar area in restaurants. This way, drinks could be made out in the open but children would not be allowed in the bar area.

Now, three years ago, when the “Zion Wall” was created, there was already concern about it. The head of Utah's Restaurant Association told ABC 4 and others that the wall would discourage restaurants from opening in Utah.

It appears many Utah restaurants haven't changed their opinion about the “Zion Wall.”


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