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EXCLUSIVE: Francine Giani opens up about the DABC

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - The DABC's former director talks to ABC 4 about rebuilding Utah's troubled alcohol business.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Just a few days ago, Francine Giani turned in her DABC pass and was no longer the head of Utah's alcohol business.

At the governor’s request, Giani served nearly a year at the DABC, trying to make the best of a bad booze situation.

When Giani took over the DABC, it was mired in a web of scandals, bad audits and trouble.

Giani says the first thing that had be changed was the culture.

She told ABC 4,

"As the months went on, I found that in order to change the culture we really did have to change people."

During Giani's reign, nearly 40 DABC employees were fired, resigned, demoted or took early retirement.

Or, as she puts it,

"My Christmas card list is much shorter now (those who would be sending her cards)."

Giani grew up in Queens New York.

As many – including the DABC Commission Chairman found out in a heated exchange - she's no pushover.

Giani has tightened the DABC's fiscal belt, increased security and modernized its computer system.

Plus, this teetotaler can now even tell the difference between brands of whiskey and beer.

When we asked Giani if things were better at the DABC now, she said,

"Those people that are here that are committed to making DABC a better place, I think, would say to you - she did a good job."

Francine Giani now goes back to her day job as head of Utah's Commerce Department.

When we asked her if she learned anything about the alcohol business, she said, yes, but added she still doesn't drink.

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