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Did Josh's dad write love songs to Susan Cox Powell?

PUYALLUP, Washington (ABC 4 News) - Is Susan Powell's father-in-law sexually obsessed with her? Did he write love songs about her?
PUYALLUP, Washington (ABC 4 News) - Is Susan Powell's father-in-law sexually obsessed with her? Did he write love songs about her?

Those are some of the new allegations against Steve Powell, father of Josh Powell.

A number of friends of Susan, the West Valley mom who disappeared from her home some 20-months ago, claim Susan confided in them that her father-in-law "creeped her out."

The charge that he wrote love songs about her comes from an Seattle area woman who spoke anonymously with examiner.com.

She told reporter Isabelle Zehnder, "Susan was the the focal point of the songs he wrote and that are posted (online). Those are but a few of the many more songs written about Susan."

She also said, "Steve was 'madly obsessed' with Susan through the time of her disappearance."

Steve Powell does have a web site under the stage name "Steve Chantrey." It contains samples of music from his album, "Light of Seattle." We listened to the samples of the songs and read the lyrics. Some of them are general, sappy tunes about unrequited love, but there's no express mention of Susan.

Here's one example of the lyrics: "Make some room for me within you. For the moment I begin to smell the perfume in your hair and caress you everywhere, I'm missing you."

It is not exactly top 40 material, but again, we could find no overt reference to his daughter-in-law, Susan Powell.

Friends of Susan believe she probably was not aware of the songs.-- at least she never mentioned them.

Still, they tend to believe the anonymous woman in Seattle.  They say love songs about his daughter-in-law would fit with the man who Susan described to them; The man they say she despised.

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