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In emails, Susan Powell described family problems

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - A year before she disappeared, Susan Powell sent several e-mails to close friends. She was desperate and anxious to save her marriage.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – E-mails from Susan Powell to close friends showed a desperate and angry woman trying to save her marriage.

In June, 2008, Susan Powell emailed a friend saying: Josh was his usually rude, yelling and barking commands at me ...self"

The e-mails were sent by an unknown person to the Salt Lake Tribune.

"We had an hour long yelling fight,” Susan wrote in the same e-mail to the friend. “I even had to threaten calling the police because he was being so irrational and unpredictable.”

Her father, Chuck Cox was aware of her failing marriage.
He had talked with Susan about options.
“Whatever you need don't worry,” Cox recalls telling Susan. “If you can only get out with the shirt on your back then do it. Don't worry about the children, don't worry about anything. We'll take care of it.”

But in Susan's e-mails she told friends that she wanted to make the marriage work. She was hoping Josh would get counseling.

He refused and the torment continued.

Susan wrote: “I want him in counseling, on meds, I want my husband, lover, BACK, no more crazy outrageous outlandish beliefs/opinions.”

“She was trying so hard to make it work,” Cox says. “(She wanted to) make her marriage work and hoping for the miracle that all of a sudden Josh would change.”

Kiirsi Hellewell received many private e-mails from Susan and was aware of their troubled marriage.

“It's so painful to read,” says her close friend Kiirsi Hellewell. “At the time I was getting the emails from Susan and other people were getting them we didn't know that Josh was going to hurt her so it’s hard to read them because you wish you could go back in time and save her.”

Hellewell was unaware of one e-mail Susan sent. It showed Susan had written a will.

“She always told me I don't think he'd ever hurt me,” Hellewell says. “If I had known she had gone so far as writing a will I would have tried harder to get her to leave."

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