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Brent Hunsaker - The new Powell family videos lack context

I do not see what Alina sees.
Alina Powell has published new family videos on the web. Seen in a vacuum, they are nice. Happy kids. Happy family.

Alina wants us to believe these four clips negate all the evidence and testimony that tell us something very different was going on.

Alina claims that Steve and Susan got along just fine. She even posts two of Steve Powell's songs with a woman's voice singing backup. Alina says it is Susan's voice. See? Perfect harmony.

She writes as if this is all the proof we need to throw everything else out the window. "If Susan had really thought that Steve Powell were a danger to her children, as the police are trying to claim, there's no way she would have allowed him access to her children in so carefree a manner as demonstrated in the videos. Susan was a caring mother and an excellent judge of character. The police have misrepresented Susan's writings in bad faith."

But in truth, I saw very little interaction between Susan and Steve in the videos. No eye contact. No direct conversations. If anything, it appears Susan is ignoring her father-in-law and focusing almost exclusively on her two boys.

I do not see what Alina sees.

As someone pointed out to me, there are films of Adolph Hitler playing with his dogs. Does that prove he was a loving man? No. How do we know? Context.

Likewise, four clips of home videos alone do not tell the story. They need context.

And what is the context? Josh Powell probably murdered his wife Susan and disposed of her body in a place where it may never be found. And just over two years after that crime, he committed two more murders and a suicide. Josh took an ax to his two young boys and then set an explosive fire to his rented home.

More context: Susan said Steve Powell "creeped" her out. We have the word of both family and friends as well as those journal entries Alina claims police are misrepresenting. There's evidence that he took secret videos of Susan in various stages of undress -- most of it was apparently shot not long after she had married his son, Josh and the couple was living under his roof. Steve himself, on national television, said he had a "sexual" thing for his daughter-in-law. That defines creepy.

Knowing that context, I see the video and I grieve.
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