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EXCLUSIVE: Is DABC's financial operating system too old?

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - State's Auditor General is said to be looking at the DABC's financial "nerve system."
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – ABC 4 News is being told that Utah’s Legislative Auditor is now taking a hard look at the DABC's financial operating system.

This is the nerve system for the agency's 300 million dollar a year booze business

ABC 4 News has also learned that the DABC is using an operating system that is a decade and half old.

This is the one that runs the DABC's warehouse, keeps track of orders, shipments and inventories.

It's a 15 year old system, DABC Executive Francine Giani says, which has been kept together by "band aids".

In other words, computer programs have been added on to the original framework to keep the
system plugging along.

But now, Giani tells ABC 4,

"We've got 200 customized programs that aren't working with each other."

Perhaps, this is why ABC 4 News has been told the state's Auditor General is now investigating the DABC's operating system.

We've also discovered a state purchasing document which says key parts need to be replaced.

As Giani puts it,

"We are trying to get the software more up to date, more current."

But several sources tell ABC 4 the situation may be more serious than Giani is letting on.

Specifically, that the DABC handles astonishing amounts of money and that its operating system could be made more efficient.

However, Giani says the DABC will soon upgrade the operating system.

She also adds that, even though a lot of work has already been done to turn the DABC around, she continues to improve the scandal plagued department,

“I don't think that anyone should ever sit on their laurels in any job assignment.”

Giani also told us that just this Saturday; she and more than a dozen DABC officials did a massive inventory of the State Club Store.

This is where bars buy their booze.

Giani and the others were checking the inventory by actually counting each bottle by hand.

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