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Double shooting in Rose Park has parents worried

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - A double shooting on the west side of Salt Lake City neighborhood has parents concerned for their children’s safety.
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah)- A double shooting on the west side of Salt Lake City has parents concerned for their children’s safety.
Over the weekend two men were shot point blank while sitting in their car.
Police are not saying if the shooting is gang related, but one thing is for certain people living in the neighborhood tell ABC 4 Utah, they’re scared.

“It went bang, bang, bang, bang five times,” said Leanna Cosme, who lives where the shooting happened.

Cosme tells ABC 4 Utah, she woke up to gun shots being fired right outside home just after midnight Sunday. Cosme says she has three young grandkids and she’s worried for their safety as they come and go from school. Elizabeth Amaya shares the same concern.

“I’m scared for my kids because they can't even go outside and play for the reason that my mom's scared that people just come and shoot during the day. They don't even care if the kids are outside,” said Amaya.

Salt lake Police say the shooting occurred on 400 North Pamela Way when a car pulled up to a another car parked and opened fire. Two men are now hospitalized, and the shooters are still on the run.

Now, people like Cosme and Amaya are asking to be protected, and for there to be more police presence in their neighborhood, for the sake of their children.

“It's very dangerous for them to play outside, but they don't want to be stuck in the house all day,” said Cosme.
"I would really like it if someone would just take it serious and be like cops every 30 minutes. I know it’s hard for them too, but it’s really important for the kids in the neighborhood that live here,” said Amaya.

Police are asking if anyone has information regarding the shooting to contact the Salt Lake Police Department. Your call will remain anonymous.

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