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Wild ride sends man to jail

PROVO Utah (ABC 4 News) - An alleged drunk driver failed to cover his tracks helping police find him.
PROVO Utah (ABC 4 News) - An alleged drunk driver failed to cover up his tracks. Police arrested Noah Rewis after a wild adventure through Provo.

It started Monday morning outside of the state liquor store. There Rewis apparently didn't see a cinder block wall and ran right into it. Police say he left after realizing the liquor store wasn't open.

"He actually damaged his own car so that when he was driving away his vehicle left ... marks on the road," says Sgt. Brandon Post.

And those markings on the pavement helped police track him down. The tracks lead police to a house a few miles away. There they discovered someone had run onto the property and side swiped a tree. The driver then the driver looped through the backyard and ran over a rose bush before getting back on the street. Rewis allegedly swerved into a neighbor as he approached his home.

"As I was passing him I saw him started swerving towards me and I had to go into the church parking lot to miss him," says Bryce Johnson.

Moments later Rewis was back home in his garage. But the tire marks on the road allowed police to follow his trail clear across town. Police say he rammed into the garage door forgetting to lift it up first. He was found sleeping inside his car.

Neighbors say Rewis's driving skills are troubling. They suspect he was drinking and driving. He was accused of side swiping a neighbors pickup truck earlier this year and also admitted to hitting A.J. Creek's car.

"He paid for the damage," says Creek.

But this latest episode seems to be the topper.

"Yesterday that was sort of like a record that' takes the cake right now," says Creek.

Rewis was hospitilized and police say he will likely be facing charges of drunk driving, leaving the scene of an accident and causing property damage. Sgt. Post also says Rewis had a previous drunk driving conviction. But details of the case were unavailable.

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