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New clues in Sherry Black murder

SOUTH SALT LAKE Utah (ABC 4 News) - Police release new clues in the murder of Sherry Black.

 SOUTH SALT LAKE Utah (ABC 4 News) - Police now believe a young killer may be responsible for the death of Sherry Black.

Black was killed in late 2010 and her death remains unsolved.

"We want people to know this is not a cold case," says Gary Keller of South Salt Lake police. "We are actively working this case trying to develop new leads."

Black, the mother-in-law of Utah Jazz owner Greg Miller, was alone inside her bookstore at 3466 South and 700 East when she was murdered.

Since then her family has been waiting and searching for answers.

Now police with the help of other groups have a theory on her killer.

"We believe our suspect is a male, under thirty years old, possibly a juvenile and could have lived in the area at the time of the homicide," says Keller.

In fact, investigators believe the young suspect may have lived within a four block area of the bookstore on 700 East.

"He may still be in the area and he may have moved," Keller says.

Police are encouraged with this latest development after a Philadelphia based investigative unit called the Vidocq Society agreed with their findings.

The investigative unit came to Utah in March to help out.

"With that affirmation from them it increases our confidence we will find this person and bring them to justice," says Keller.

He says this latest information about the suspect living in the same neighborhood as Black's bookstore isn't to scare people but hopefully it will jar someone's memory.

"We don't want to alarm people but we just want them to be aware of their surroundings," he says. "But it may spark their memory."

Keller says there is a reward offered for information leading to a conviction. Contact South Salt Lake police if you have information that can help solve this murder.



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